LAB.GRUPPEN PLM 20K44 / PLM 12K44 / PLM 5K44

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LAB.GRUPPEN PLM 20K44 / PLM 12K44 / PLM 5K44

PLM+ Features and Benefits

▸ 4 x 1250 W nominal output power for a total of 5000 W (5K44) 4 x 3000 W nominal output power for a total of 12000 W (12K44) 4 x 5000 W nominal output power for a total of 20000 W (20K44)

▸ Any channel is capable of delivering up to 5900 W power output, from total available power (2000 W for 5K44)

▸ 2U chassis weighing only 11.4 kg (5K44), 16.5 kg (12K44), 17 kg (20K44)

▸ Four ‘Lake Class’ analog inputs with Iso-FloatTM ground isolation

▸ Two AES3 on XLR digital inputs (4 audio channels)

▸ Eight dual-redundant Dante network audio inputs and outputs with AES67 support

▸ Compatible with PLM, Lake, LM Series and D Series

▸ Rational Power Management (RPM) - Flexible power output allocation across channels of the 5K44 and 12K44 models to match requirements, enabling more efficient use of amplifier inventory

▸ Copper-finned Intercooler with transverse-mounted output devices (12K44 and 20K44 only)

▸ Rugged - road tested construction

▸ Unique universal, Regulated Switch-Mode Power Supply(R.SMPSTM) maintains stability despite mains voltage fluctuations

▸ Best-in-class Power Factor Correction (PFC) helps maintain full output during extended power bursts

▸ Current Draw Modelling (CDMTM) reduces mains peak draw

▸ Breaker Emulation Limiter (BELTM) - Tailors PLM+ Series to theavailable mains distribution

▸ Under-Voltage Limiting (UVL) enables continued operation with mains voltage sags as low as 65 V