Meyer Sound Ashby-5C Ceiling Loudspeaker

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Meyer Sound Ashby-5C Ceiling Loudspeaker

The Ashby-5C self-powered, ceiling-mounted loudspeaker provides wide coverage and low distortion, even at high sound levels, for applications that require accurate music reproduction and intelligible voice. The Ashby-5C outperforms all in-ceiling loudspeakers of comparable size.

The Ashby-5C is engineered to the same award-winning standards as all Meyer Sound IntelligentDC loudspeakers. With on-board amplification and sophisticated signal processing, the Ashby-5C exhibits the flat frequency and phase response for which Meyer Sound loudspeakers are known.

Ashby drivers are designed and manufactured at the Meyer Sound factory in Berkeley, California. The 0.75-inch metal-dome tweeter is concentrically mounted over a 5-inch cone driver in an innovative configuration that maximizes the surface of the wave guide.

With an incredibly smooth, consistent 100° coverage, fewer loudspeakers can cover a larger area, reducing system cost while maintaining the highest sound quality.

The Ashby-5C requires an external MPS IntelligentDC power supply. These units distribute DC power and balanced audio to Ashby loudspeakers or other Meyer Sound IntelligentDC loudspeakers. Composite multi-conductor cables (e.g., Belden® 1502) can deliver both DC power and balanced audio from a single PhoenixTM 5-pin male connector.

The MPS-488HP can power up to 24 Ashby-5C loudspeakers (3 per channel) and can connect to Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system. The MPS-482HP can power up to 6 Ashby-5C loudspeakers. Using a Meyer Sound IntelligentDC external power supply source has several advantages including:

• Eliminates the need to use conduit (NEC Class 2 wiring)

  • Allows longer, lighter-gauge cable runs
  • Preserves the advantages of self-powered systems with even more flexible installation optionsHoused in an integrated zinc-plated steel-back can to meet commercial fire codes, the Ashby-5C can be flush-mounted in ceilings using a low-profile grille that blends discreetly into any decor. Meyer Sound offers accessories specifically designed to install Ashby loudspeakers into a variety of ceiling environments including a pendant, a C-ring with a bridge for suspended ceilings and a new construction bracket.