Meyer Sound Galileo GALAXY 816 Network Platform

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Meyer Sound Galileo GALAXY 816 Network Platform

The Galileo® GALAXYTM 816 Network Platform is an audio processing and loudspeaker management tool that offers comprehensive control of Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems. Leveraging open‐source AVB technology along with powerful audio processing, GALAXY processors provide complete system management in one platform, making it an ideal choice for a full range of applications from touring to installs.

The GALAXY 816 processor is Milan certified, providing plug‐and‐play network interoperability with other Milan‐certified devices via AAF and CRF AVB streams. Milan certification guarantees all Milan audio over the AVB network will arrive on‐time with a fixed latency. Milan AVB reserves network bandwidth which cannot be preempted by other network traffic. Milan‐ certified GALAXY processors support the specified network redundancy— guaranteeing interoperability with other Milan devices.

Users can control the GALAXY 816 processor using Compass Control Software (hosted on a Mac or PC), via the Compass Go iPad app, or via Spacemap® Go, Meyer Sound’s spatial sound design and mixing tool.

Compass Control Software provides a complete toolkit for audio routing, system optimization, processing, and monitoring. Its Product Integration feature ensures the phase characteristics of different loudspeaker models are matched when they are combined in the same system, providing the most coherent summation possible.

Spacemap Go leverages the audio processing capability of the Meyer Sound Galileo® GALAXY Network Platform to help sound artists create immersive audio experiences using an intuitive iPad touchscreen interface.

The GALAXY 816 processor features a 96 kHz audio processing sample rate, and the A/D and D/A converters are 24 bits/96 kHz. Processing tools for inputs include gain, delay, 5‐band parametric EQ, and 5‐band U‐Shaping EQ. Output processing tools include gain, delay, polarity reversal, 10‐band parametric EQ, 5‐band U‐Shaping EQ, Low‐Mid Beam Control (LMBC), atmospheric correction, and simultaneous high‐ and low‐ pass filters.

Built‐in summing and delay matrices allow users to easily assign gain and delay values at each routing cross point, enabling any single loudspeaker to serve as an output for multiple, independently processed input signals.

The rear panel includes two SIM bus ports for direct connection to Meyer Sound’s SIM audio analyzer, allowing the GALAXY 816 processor to function as a line switcher for the analyzer. With this capability, users can take measurements from any selection of GALAXY 816 processor inputs and outputs without patching beyond a single connection to SIM.

The GALAXY 816 has the following I/O:

  • Inputs A‐H can receive analog, AES3, or AVB signals
  • Outputs 1‐16 can be analog and/or AVB signalsThe GALAXY 408 processor has the same audio processing capability in a 1RU chassis with different physical I/O. See its data sheet for comparison