Meyer Sound MDM-832 Distribution Module

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Meyer Sound MDM-832 Distribution Module

The MDM-832 distribution module routes up to eight channels of AC power, balanced audio, and RMSTM to multiple Meyer Sound loudspeakers, further enhancing portability and ease of use for self-powered stage monitors and loudspeakers with low to moderate current draw. The MDM-832 simplifies distribution with third-party composite cables carrying both AC power and balanced audio, streamlining setups and tear-downs, and reducing onstage cable clutter.

The MDM-832 receives balanced audio from eight rear-panel audio inputs, equipped with XLR 3-pin female connectors. Audio inputs offer flexible routing with toggle switches that route to corresponding audio outputs, as well as to adjacent, contiguous audio outputs. For example, audio input 1 can be routed to audio outputs 1 and 2, and audio input 3 can be routed audio outputs 3 and 4. Another example is to route audio input 1 to audio outputs 1–4, and audio input 5 to audio outputs 5–8. You can also simply route all audio inputs to their corresponding audio outputs. A single audio output can drive multiple loudspeakers equipped with loop outputs. The rear panel also includes an RMS network connector and terminator for routing RMS signals from the eight front-panel RMS loudspeaker connectors.

Front-panel audio outputs are available as XLR 3-pin male or XLR 5-pin male. XLR 3-pin connectors deliver balanced audio only, while XLR 5-pin connectors deliver both balanced audio and RMS. AC power is received from a single rear-panel powerCON® 32 connector and routed to two output sections, each comprised of four front- panel powerCON 20 connectors (1–4 and 5–8), each with a total output capacity of 15 A. The two output sections can drive multiple loudspeakers with a sum total maximum long-term continuous current draw equal to the 15 A capacity. Two front-panel 15 A breaker switches enable AC to the output sections. Voltage presence is indicated by two front-panel LEDs, one for each section.

The MDM-832 is housed in a 2-space, 19-inch rackmount enclosure with adjustable, reversible rack ears, allowing outputs to be placed at the front or rear of the rack, mounted either flush or recessed.