Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20, X22, X23 Compact Wide, Narrow, Broad Coverage Loudspeaker

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Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20, X22, X23 Compact Wide, Narrow, Broad Coverage Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound’s ULTRA-X20TM design extends the award-winning, state-of-the-art ULTRA-X40TM point source technology to a smaller version for size- and weight-critical applications. Features include:

  • An innovative, highly efficient class-D amplifier that reproduces anysound source with linearity over a wide dynamic range.
  • A concentric driver configuration that has all the benefits of a coaxial driver, yet none of the disadvantages. In addition, this configuration supports directional control of frequencies down to 600 Hz.
  • A rotatable, extremely well-behaved horn designed for very precise, even coverage. This horn design, in conjunction with the concentric driver configuration, delivers the same pattern regardless of orientation.
  • The ULTRA-X20 loudspeaker provides high power output, low distortion, and consistent polar response in a very compact, vented enclosure. The loudspeaker features two 5-inch cone low-frequency drivers and one 2-inch diaphragm compression driver coupled with a rotatable 110° x 50° constant-Q horn. A more controlled pattern is available on the ULTRA-X22 model, which is fitted with a rotatable 80° x 50° constant-Q horn. A broader coverage version, the ULTRA-X23, offers a 110° x 110° constant-Q horn.Because of its proprietary, high-frequency horn, the beamwidth remains consistent within close tolerances in both the horizontal and vertical planes, and across the horn’s operating frequency range. Uniformly predictable polar behavior takes much of the guesswork out of system design and assures optimal system performance.A proprietary three-channel, class-D digital power amplifier powers the ULTRA-X20 loudspeaker, which has a total peak power output of 860 watts. Audio processing includes electronic crossover, correction filters for phase and frequency response, and driver protection circuitry. Phase-corrected electronics ensure flat acoustical amplitude and phase response, resulting in exceptional impulse response and precise imaging.The amplifier/processing package incorporates Meyer Sound’s Intelligent ACTM, which auto-selects the correct operating voltage, suppresses high voltage transients, filters EMI and provides soft-start power-up. The ULTRA-X20 cabinet has audio XLR and PowerCON 20 input and looping output connectors. The digital audio version provides a Milan Certified format with an etherCON TOP connector and powerCON TRUE1 TOP input and looping output.Remote monitoring is possible on the analog version via the optional RMS remote monitoring system module, which in conjunction with the optional RMServerTM hardware unit, provides comprehensive monitoring of loudspeaker parameters from a host computer running Compass® Control Software. The digital version provides integrated monitoring via Compass Control Software.Meyer Sound builds the slightly curved enclosure out of aluminum with a slightly textured black finish. A powder-coated, round-perforated steel grille provides protection to the front of the loudspeaker. The cabinet weighs only 27 lbs (12.3 kg).The ULTRA-X20 includes two integral M8 rigging points on each end to enable a variety of configurations including those requiring pole mounting, hanging individually from a single point, wall mounting or ceiling mounting. In addition, the ULTRA-X20 includes four M6 threaded holes with 5-inch by 2.75-inch (127 mm by 70 mm) hole pattern on the rear for use with third-party wall mounts.Optional rigging accessories include a 35 mm to M8 pole adapter, a U-bracket, a yoke, and a pinnable link on a channel that allows the hanging of one or two units from a single pick-up point. Other options include weather protection and custom color finishes.