Meyer Sound UPM-1P Ultracompact Wide Coverage Loudspeaker

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Meyer Sound UPM-1P Ultracompact Wide Coverage Loudspeaker

The UPM-1P is a remarkably compact, self-powered, professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker system. It is ideally suited to applications requiring a relatively small and inconspicuous loudspeaker that can also provide high sound pressure levels, extremely low distortion, and uniform directional control.

The UPM-1P loudspeaker provides vocal-range reinforcement as a small PA system or as a fill or delay loudspeaker in larger indoor or outdoor systems. A full-range system can be created with the addition of an optional subwoofer.

The UPM-1P high-frequency section comprises a 1-inch metal dome tweeter on a symmetrical, constant-directivity, high-frequency horn with 100° beamwidth. At lower frequencies, sophisticated phase-correction circuitry ensures true point-source performance without the off-axis cancellation effects that plague customary dual-woofer designs. Two 5-inch low-frequency cone drivers are driven in parallel at low frequencies to take advantage of their combined acoustic output. To prevent destructive interference and comb filtering effects in the mid-band frequencies close to the crossover area, one of the drivers rolls off above 320 Hz.

Two channels of power amplification are provided, along with an active crossover, driver protection voltage limiters, and frequency- and phase-response alignment circuitry. A laser-trimmed differential input stage affords superior common-mode rejection to allow long signal runs through shielded twisted-pair cable. The standard UPM-1P is switchable between the 115 V AC and 230 V AC ranges. A 100 V AC version is also available. The UPM-1P loudspeaker’s integral power supply suppresses high-voltage transients, while two PowerCON AC connectors facilitate AC looping.

Meyer Sound coats the rugged cabinet with a slightly textured black finish. Mounting is via three 3/8-inch-16 or metric M10 threaded recessed nut plates. Optional U-bracket, yoke, and pole-mount hardware are available. The optional RMSTM remote monitoring system module provides comprehensive monitoring of loudspeaker parameters from a Mac® or Windows®-based computer running Compass® control software.

Options available for the UPM-1P cabinet include weather protection and finishes in custom colors for fixed installations and situations requiring specific cosmetics.