Meyer Sound 900-LFC Compact Low Frequency Control Element

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900-LFC Compact Low Frequency Control Element

Meyer Sound’s 900-LFC compact low-frequency control element reproduces low frequencies at high continuous output levels with extremely low distortion. The 900-LFC offers the same sonic linearity as Meyer Sound’s 1100-LFC low-frequency control element in a smaller, lighter cabinet, making it ideal for building scalable systems to suit touring applications or fixed installations of any size.

A newly designed class D amplifier affords unprecedented efficiency to the 900-LFC, significantly lowering distortion while reducing power consumption and operating temperature. A single, field-replaceable module contains the on-board amplifier and control circuitry.

In addition to pairing with LEOPARDTM systems, the 900-LFC integrates easily with other Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems, including LEO-MTM, LYONTM, and ULTRA Series loudspeakers.

Meyer Sound’s Galileo® GALAXY Network Platforms, which provide matrix routing, alignment, and processing for array components, can drive LEOPARD and 900-LFC loudspeakers. To guarantee optimum performance, use Meyer Sound’s MAPPTM system design tool to design systems with the 900-LFC.

LEOPARD and 900-LFC loudspeakers work with Meyer Sound’s RMSTM remote monitoring system, which provides comprehensive monitoring of system parameters from a Mac® or Windows®-based computer.

The 900-LFC is available with or without Meyer Sound’s QuickFly® rigging. When equipped with the optional MRK-900 rigging kit, the captive GuideALinksTM enable flying of the 900-LFC from the MG-LEOPARD/900 multipurpose grid in LEOPARD arrays without a transition frame. Also use the MG-LEOPARD/900 grid for groundstacks with uptilt or downtilt. Or fly 900-LFCs separately as a subwoofer array with variable splay angles of 0°, 1.25°, 2.5°, 3.75°, or 5°.

Transport both versions of the 900-LFC in stacks with the optional MCF-900 caster frame.