Meyer Sound LYON Linear Line Array Loudspeaker

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Meyer Sound LYON Linear Line Array Loudspeaker

The self-powered LYONTM linear line array loudspeaker is a member of Meyer Sound’s LEO® family of linear loudspeakers, designed to reproduce audio faithfully with tremendous power and clarity, without coloring the sound, even when pushed to the limit. LYON delivers the same headroom and precision as the acclaimed LEO-MTM with the same cutting-edge technology housed in a lighter and more compact cabinet.

Optimized rigging and self-powered configuration streamlines both setup and breakdown for LYON systems. LYON is ideal for medium- to large-scale array applications that do not require the extreme long-throw capability of LEO-M.

For greater flexibility, LYON is available in three models: LYON-M for primary array coverage, LYON-W for wide coverage, and LYON-WXT for wide coverage with extended vertical coverage. Use LYON-W in LYON arrays when applications require wide coverage, such as at the bottom or in the middle of primary arrays, or even at the top of outfill arrays. Use LYON-WXT when applications require wide coverage with greater vertical dispersion, such as at the bottom of extremely curved arrays or with installations that cannot use frontfill loudspeakers. Because LYON-W and LYON-WXT match the acoustical characteristics of LYON-M, transitions for horizontal coverage are seamless.

Pair LYON arrays with Meyer Sound’s 1100-LFC low-frequency control element for bass reproduction. Drive entire systems with Meyer Sound’s Galileo® GALAXY Network Platform, which provides 24 bit, 96 kHz audio, matrix routing, alignment, and processing for array components. By using the GALAXY Network Platform delay integration settings, it is possible to acoustically match all LYON models to LEO-M. With this approach, designers can use any LYON model for downfill and midfill at the bottom of LEO-M arrays, and as supplemental sidefill and outfill arrays in LEO-M systems.

To guarantee optimum system performance, including coverage patterns and linear peak SPL, design LYON systems with Meyer Sound’s MAPP System Design Tool. This useful tool also helps verify rigging load ratings.

LYON’s high-frequency section comprises two proprietary compression drivers coupled to a constant-directivity horn through a patented REM® manifold. The manifold’s smooth radiating characteristics afford tight vertical coverage. The low-frequency section includes two long-excursion cone drivers, also proprietary, capable of withstanding high continuous output levels. Precise phase and magnitude alignment between low- and high-frequency drivers yields consistent and well-behaved system responses.

The unit’s onboard power amplifier operates at nominal voltages from 85–134 V AC and 165–264 V AC at 50–60 Hz. TruPower® limiting ensures maximum driver protection, minimizing power compression while yielding high constant output under high continuous and peak power conditions. A single, field-replaceable module located on the rear of the cabinet houses the amplifier, control electronics, and power supply.

Meyer Sound’s RMSTM remote monitoring system module comes standard with all LYON loudspeakers and provides comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Mac® or Windows®-based computer. Convenient XLR 5-pin connectors allow the use of composite cables carrying both RMS and balanced audio. XLR 3-pin audio connectors are also available.

LYON offers intuitive rigging with captive GuideALinksTM that users can set to the desired splay angles while cabinets rest in caster frames. A range of available rigging accessories make LYON a versatile solution for a variety of applications.

Meyer Sound constructs the LYON cabinet of premium multi-ply birch and coats it with a slightly textured black finish. A powder-coated, hex-stamped steel grille with acoustical black mesh protects the unit’s drivers. Other options include weather protection and custom color finishes for fixed installations and applications with specific cosmetic requirements.