Meyer Sound MJF-208 Compact Stage Monitor

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Meyer Sound MJF-208 Compact Stage Monitor

The MJF‐208 compact stage monitor brings the same high intelligibility and low‐frequency headroom of Meyer Sound’s acclaimed MJF line of stage monitors to a lighter, more portable cabinet. The MJF‐208 is ideal for monitoring applications with minimal stage space that do not require the higher output of the MJF‐212A or MJF‐210. All three stage monitors offer the self‐powered advantages of simplified setup, operation, and consistent stage‐to‐stage sound, while occupying a fraction of the truck space of similar monitors that require external amplification.

The MJF‐208’s 55 Hz to 18 kHz frequency range is phase corrected, ensuring that vocals and instruments are reproduced accurately with low distortion and no signal coloration. The flat phase and frequency response yield exceptional pattern control, minimizing interactions with nearby microphones and providing high gain before feedback.

The MJF‐208’s durable, vented enclosure houses two 8‐inch high‐power low‐frequency drivers, as well as a 3‐inch diaphragm compression driver coupled to a constant‐directivity horn. The dual‐driver design with optimized crossover and extremely accurate horn delivers extended headroom and symmetrical coverage not possible with other wedge monitor designs. The MJF‐208 need not be purchased in matched pairs when deploying left‐right configurations. The 70° horizontal by 50° vertical horn provides optimal coverage in smaller spaces that cannot accommodate a large number of monitors. The low‐profile cabinet slopes 35° from the stage to preserve audience sight lines.

Drivers are powered by a three‐channel, class D amplifier. The Intelligent ACTM power supply provides automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, soft current turn‐on, and surge suppression.

The optional RMSTM remote monitoring system module enables comprehensive monitoring of loudspeaker parameters from a Mac® or Windows®‐based computer running Compass® control software. Optional XLR 5‐pin connectors for the MJF‐208 support use of composite cables to carry both balanced audio and RMS signals.

The optional MDM‐832 distribution module routes AC power, balanced audio, and RMS to multiple MJF stage monitors, further enhancing portability and ease of use. The MDM‐832 simplifies distribution with composite cables carrying AC power, balanced audio and RMS—streamlining setups and tear‐downs and reducing onstage cable clutter.

The MJF‐208’s cabinet is constructed of premium multi‐ply birch, coated with a durable, slightly textured black finish, and includes protective rubber strips on the bottom of the unit that prevent changes in position due to vibrations. A hex‐stamped steel grille lined with acoustical black mesh protects the drivers.