Meyer Sound VLFC Very Low‐Frequency Control Element

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Meyer Sound VLFC Very Low‐Frequency Control Element

The VLFC very low‐frequency control element is a self‐powered loudspeaker defined by its sonic linearity and unique ability to reproduce extremely low‐frequency signals at high continuous levels with very low distortion. This very low frequency response, coupled with exceptional headroom and optimized rigging options, makes the VLFC an incredible tool for applications requiring very low frequencies to enhance the audience experience.

The VLFC is ideal for any application that would benefit from the impact of sub‐sonic feeling—from large‐scale tours to special effects in cinema to theme parks.

An optimally tuned, vented cabinet houses the VLFC’s two 18 in long‐excursion low‐resonance cone drivers. A two‐channel Class AB/H bridged amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages supplies ample continuous and peak power to the drivers.

The VLFC’s 13 Hz to 30 Hz operating frequency response complements Meyer Sound’s 1100‐LFC and other subwoofers in the lowest octaves even below the typical 20 Hz limit.

Meyer Sound’s design includes protective plastic skids on the bottom of the VLFC cabinet that securely align with the cabinet’s top slots. Stack units normally or reversed for cardioid configurations.

Using the same footprint of the 1100‐LFC, the VLFC integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure. The optional MRK‐1100 rigging kit, available as a factory‐installed option or a field upgrade, includes captive GuideALinksTM that allow the loudspeaker to be flown from the MTG‐1100 top grid. Convenient pinned handles and slots make the GuideALinks, located at the front and rear of the cabinet, easy to set.

The GuideALinks also accommodate reversed units for flown cardioid arrays. The MTG‐1100 top grid supports suspension of line arrays comprising up to 16 cabinets at a 5:1 safety factor. For touring and portable systems, the optional MCF‐1100 caster frame supports secure travel with the VLFC in stacks of up to three units.

The RMSTM remote monitoring system provides comprehensive, real‐time information about loudspeaker parameters from a Mac® or Windows®‐based computer running Compass® control software via the RMSTM interface.

Meyer Sound constructs the VLFC cabinet out of premium multi‐ply birch and coats it with a slightly textured black finish. A powder‐coated, hex‐stamped steel grille with acoustical black mesh protects the unit’s drivers. Other options include weather protection and custom color finishes for fixed installations and applications with specific cosmetic requirements.